Much More Than Learning Spanish



Being one of the best online Spanish Learning Center, our aim is to enrich our students and our teachers, helping them to enjoy the Hispanic culture while they learn and teach online. We do not only teach Spanish online, it is much more than learning Spanish.

We offer an experience to our candidates in which they will immerse themselves on the Hispanic culture, and learn more about gastronomy, the customs, the art, local places to visit, etc.

Moreover, every candidate will have an opportunity to volunteer for good causes. That's why we have partnered with UNICEF & Wonder Foundation in South America.

We will have in place an effective Entry Level Test, in which we will assess our students on their knowledge of Spanish in 3 different disciplines, listening, writing, speaking, from there, students and teachers will work collaboratively to determine which level they want to achieve by a specific deadline.


Our daily lives are hectic, and we find ourselves juggling work, studies and other obligations that leave us with no spare time for ourselves. That is why online learning is the best way to save time and enjoy a good lesson of Spanish.

At home, at work, at the park… everywhere is a good place to learn. You only need your PC or smartphone and Internet connection.

From 2cervezasporfavor we will assign you an experienced and motivated teacher that will help you achieve your goals in Spanish in a fun and enjoyable way.

You only have to sing up, check the teachers’ availability and book the slot that suits you the best. Skype or Hangouts, it is up to you.

Get in touch to learn about different promotions, vouchers for classes… Do not hesitate and book your first class!


You can choose to learn Spanish to improve your CV or for self-fulfillment, but how about learning Spanish while helping others out?

At 2cervezasporfavor we are offering you the opportunity to carry out voluntary work in different countries or regions with social needs in which the Spanish language is spoken. Speaking practice is crucial in order to fully master a language, and talking to native speakers to whom you are actually helping out will stand as an unforgettable experience.

Additionally, £1 of what you pay for each Spanish lesson goes to charity and projects aiming to help those in most need. Drop us a line asking about our association with Unicef and similar charities.


Learning is always easier if you are having fun, and having fun is surely a Spanish thing! Would you like to practice your spoken Spanish skills while visiting Madrid or Barcelona? Or would you rather go to Fallas and have the best paella? What about skiing in Sierra Nevada?

2cervezasporfavor wants to offer you different packs full of experiences for you to practice Spanish while getting you know the Spanish culture, its gastronomy, art, etc. in Spain.

We will introduce the new packs to you soon enough, but if you want a taste of what is to come just get in touch!

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